One-on-One Lessons for your Apple stuff.

New to Apple stuff? Transitioning from Windows PC to Mac OS/X? Make an enjoyable journey even better with one-on-one lessons.

Why Apple?

On the consumer-side, we recommend Apple computers and devices for home users. Not only does Apple stuff “just work,” it works well together. “Handoff” allows you to change devices while working on files. “AirDrop” lets you share pictures, videos and documents between devices. “AirPlay” lets you share your screen from your Mac, iPad or iPhone on your TV. “iMessages” lets you create and respond to text messages from your phone right on your Mac or iPad. “Facetime” lets you make phone calls and video chat from your Mac or iPad. Your contacts, calendars, notes, reminders and emails – all synchronized between your computers and devices. It's truly amazing.

One-on-One Apple Lessons

So how do you put all these great technologies to work for you? Apple does a great job providing the service and support customers deserve. The Apple support website is a great place to start for the self-learning type. You can join “Workshops” at your local Apple store to learn different basics for free. A number of other high-quality training options are available, too.

But they all lack one thing. They do not come to your home and teach you, using your own stuff, on your own turf. We do.