Business Support: Service Partners for Success.

On the business side, we provide on-call and on-site services to local businesses that typically require lower volumes of high quality endpoint (help desk) support services. Our staff consists of local talent available for telephone, remote access and hands-on work wherever it's needed. Within our service area, of course!

How does it work?

Short Answer: Your company could be losing money and productivity when your information technology fails. East City Consulting comes to your rescue! We will marshal our expertise, knowledge assets and other resources to identify the failure and, if it’s within our purview, fix it for you.

There really isn't much wiggle room to explain how something so simple works, but I would still like to point out that when you need help with printers and office equipment, virus removal and other computer tasks, or setting up your networks, information systems and infrastructure, having a professional lined up to take care of things makes good business sense.

One more thing: We have no store front and our services are by appointment only. We come to you. That's why we also service residential customers (and those who run businesses out of their homes), too!

Call for Pricing!

Just kidding. Your time is valuable and so is mine, so forgive me if I get right to the point. Here’s what our expertise and experience will cost.

Per Appointment
(2-hour min.)
Monthly Contract*
$400/mo. †
Annual Contract*
$2000/yr. ‡
Contract Only

* Service contracts must be paid in advance. The service contract becomes active on the first day of the following month from which payment is received. “Per Appointment” pricing is enforced until then.

† Monthly service contracts include 4.0 hours of service each month. Each additional hour of required service costs $100.00/hr., which is 20% off.

‡ Annual service contracts include 20.0 hours of service each year. Each additional hour of required service costs $100.00/hr., which is 20% off.